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“I hit a very tough point in my life when we found out that a family member was taking advantage of our grandmother. My head was spinning cause we never expected something like this to happen within our family. Calling around to have initial consultations, I was treated as a billable expense, until I talked with Patricia. She gave me 3x the time on the initial consult than any other lawyer would.

After I consulted with the family and we all came to a decision that she would represent us, it became clear that she cared about us as a family versus an invoice. She went above and beyond always and did things for us that I doubt anyone else would have without a hefty bill. I can’t thank her enough for rectifying what she could and even getting us a massive law firm to finalize this battle.

I can tell you that for every penny spent I got 5x the work I expected. She’s reliable, motivated and more important she valued us. Stop looking around and call her, she will deliver!”

– an Elder Law Client (5 star review)

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