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Special Needs Planning For Persons With Disabilities

Are you considering a special needs trust that addresses the current and future concerns of a child with a disability?

Are you an SSI or Medicaid recipient, and are you expecting a personal injury settlement or inheritance?

If you answered yes, you should seriously consider crafting a legal strategy that protects your interests. We can help. In Marietta and greater Atlanta, the experienced elder and special needs law attorney who can make your special needs care goals a reality is Patricia Ammari, founder of The Ammari Firm, LLC.

Patricia Ammari gives you the facts you must have about private and public sources of support, as well as eligibility requirements for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Medicaid and other government benefits. She listens to your wishes, assesses your objectives and carefully examines your family’s financial picture, with an eye toward maximizing the benefits that your family may be entitled to.

Special Needs Trusts: Keeping Your Loved One Eligible For Benefits

Why create a special needs trust if you have a child or other loved one with a disability? There are several good reasons why you may want to do so. One of the most significant is to help your loved one remain eligible for government benefits.

Federal financial aid is based on income and assets, so if you bequeath all your money to your disabled daughter, for instance, she will suddenly have too much to qualify for SSI and other programs. A special needs trust, on the other hand, allows you to provide for her future needs without disqualifying her from government programs.

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