Medicaid Planning


The average American family cannot afford to pay the high costs of long-term care for a prolonged period of time. A good skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility can cost $90,000 per year in the Atlanta area. While many are under the mistaken belief that Medicare will pay for this care, this is generally not the case. Under the best of circumstances, Medicare may pay for the first 100 days of care. The Ammari Firm, LLC helps individuals qualify and apply for Nursing Home Medicaid benefits at the earliest appropriate time.

Additionally, a Medicaid waivered program, such as the Community Care Services Program, may permit a loved one to remain at home and outside of a nursing home. The Ammari Firm, LLC helps individuals qualify and apply for the Community Care Services Program.

The Ammari Firm, LLC provides both Medicaid crisis planning and preplanning services. For those who are currently in a nursing home or for whom skilled nursing care is eminent, The Ammari Firm, LLC works with clients to create a plan to qualify for Medicaid as soon as possible while preserving as many assets as possible. The Ammari Firm, LLC also helps clients who are concerned about protecting assets from the future burden of long-term care.

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