Long-term Care Planning


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 70% of individuals turning 65 today will need long-term care of some type during their lifetime. It is essential to address how you will deal with those costs. The Ammari Firm, LLC works with families who are currently grappling with how to pay for long-term care costs and with those families who want to put a plan in place which gives them peace of mind for the future.

Long-term care can be very expensive. To make matters worse, the options to pay for long-term care are limited. Typically, the options include Medicare (for a limited time), long-term care insurance, private pay, and Medicaid.

Medicare will only offer limited help. In the best of circumstances, Medicare may pay 100 days of care. After that, the patient is on their own. Only a limited number have long-term care insurance. Because the cost of a nursing home in the Atlanta metropolitan area can reach $90,000 or more per year, it can quickly eat through a family’s lifesavings.

The Ammari Firm, LLC will work with you to create a plan based on your individual circumstances. The plan will take into account your needs, assets, income, and any possible assistance available including government benefits such as Medicaid and Veterans Benefits.

While many people wait until they are in need of long-term care to address to address the possibility of long-term care, the BEST time to engage in long-term care planning is five or more years before care is needed. Whether you or your loved one needs immediate long-term care or you are concerned about long-term care in the future, The Ammari Firm, LLC can work with you to create a plan to give you peace of mind.

Please contact The Ammari Firm, LLC to discuss how we may assist you in planning for long-term care.

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